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We have a variety of male & female huacaya alpaca for sale.

If you are looking for breeding females or a herdsire for foundation stock, or you are interested in fibre animals, pets, companions, or a lawn maintenance crew of bachelors, please contact us to find your match.

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Bachelor Boys

Contact to meet our herd

We have an assortment of mature fellas who are well trained & socialized. They are quite comfortable & happy living in an all-male herd environment. They graze as a group, literally mowing the lawn & pasture areas. They even trim the fence line & around the posts. A small portion of grain & a flake of hay keeps their engines running.

In addition to caring for lawns & pastures year round, these fellas will also provide several pounds of luxurious fibre every year. A further plus to having a group of these fellas, is that the value added by-product, has no foul smell & is a great plant & garden fertilizer that is time released & breaks down quickly. All our fellas are very curious, know their names & walk well on leads. Most can be hand fed. Some give kisses &/or like to snuggle.

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TimberLane Nala

Huacaya, Aug 21, 2012

That’s a photo of me as a baby. I am now a pretty fawn female, anxious to be a Mommy. I look a lot like my Mom, Sundance’s Patty who has a gray face. My Dad is Camillio Jr. and I just happened to be blessed with his beautifully full tail set.

I would make a great addition to your herd as a breeding female. And let me tell you, there are a lot of cute fellas here at the ranch if you are looking for me to be purchased with a breeding. I would really like to have my own little cria to pronk around your farm. Come visit me, my Mom & my little brother Kovu here at the ranch. We could check out the guys while your here.

Robin Photo

DL Farms Rorschach

Huacaya, 2009

Rorschach is actually black, but has dark brown tips. His fibre has been graded a 1 for 3 years.

He is not gelded, but has amazingly fine fibre for such a dark, mature male. He is one of the finest of the fibre boys, which is quite amazing for a mature, dark male. He is intact.

Rorschach is quite a sweetie and would make a lovely pet.

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