Meet Beau

Meet Beau
After 5 years of foster care, nothing has changed for Beau, but in 2016 we officially adopted Beau and he now belongs to us and will continue to be a part of our equine family.

Beau is our fostered horse. He belonged to LongRun Thoroughbred Retirement Society but lived with us and our band of horses. Beau had an impressive race history and we are honoured to be selected by his owners to re-home this special young man.

Beau runningBeau is a very nervous horse, but truly a gentleman with us, his over bearing pasture manager, and especially the mares he shares his pasture with.  He has extreme respect for Brandy our older mare, rescued from the University of Guelph, but Stari Nite Sheri, rescued from a meat truck, is his true love.  They graze side-by-side, nibble from the same hay pile and groom each other

He is the classic cut, “Tall, Dark & Handsome”.  They are definitely just the cutest equine couple. Beau is afraid of everything, but very respectful. If he could be doted on, or eating every waking hour, his boredom would not be an issue.  He lives a life of leisure.  I think the only work he has done on our ranch is to carry buckets of water strapped over his back out to his alpaca friends.

Beau enjoys the alpacas & llamas & can quite often be seen staring over the fences listening to them hum. He loves to be loved, by us or Stari Nite.  Brandy is like his comfort blanket & Marty is his security.

We really enjoy having Beau as a part of our herd. 2 Geldings, 2 mares, or 3 off tracks and a needles horse… this combination seems to be perfect for us, and most importantly, for Beau.