Meet Brandy

Meet Brandy

Brandy was a needles horse at the University of Guelph Veterinary Stables. For 10 years students practiced giving needles and taking her blood. When she started to colic after many years of doing her job, it appeared that euthanasia was her fate. Luckily for Brandy a graduating vet asked to take her at graduation.

BrandyWith some TLC, a more senior equine companion, and some time to just be a horse, Brandy recovered. Under the watchful eye of her new care giver, her bouts of colic disappeared.  We were asked about adopting Brandy to provide her a  home with our equine family to enjoy her retirement years.

She is a perfect complement to balance out our all bay herd, 2 geldings, 2 mares. Now at turnout each gelding has his own mare, or each has a same gender pasture companion. And, they all pasture nicely together.

Like most horses whose work has been stressful, Brandy came with issues. Her main one was eating our oak rail fencing and any other wood she could chew. A grazing muzzle was an easy fix.

Brandy is the most accommodating horse in the herd. She’s always happy to entertain anyone who will pay attention to her, whether it be her people, equine or camelid companions. She spins her head and smiles constantly when she’s not stealing from the hay bales conveniently stacked outside her open stall wall door.