Stari Nite One Year Later

Stari Nite One Year Later

When we first became aware of this nameless, unknown horse, we knew that someone needed to help her. We didn’t know that she was just a filly. The Vet’s best guess was 2 & maybe a half.

She was sore, nervous, terrified of everything, and her worst habit, winding up & kicking. She just kicked, the walls, herself, nothing, anything around her. She was very underweight, had a right front injury and both back legs were cut and quite sore. She seemed anxious at times, depressed at others.  She was very fearful of people and didn’t know how to interact with horses. A thorough medical and series of x-rays revealed that her injuries were not of grave concern, or expense.

StariNiteSheriTime to heal, trust and eat were the prescribed treatments. And a little something for pain.

She would never race again or be a jumper, that much was certain. What her future would be was still too early to tell, but she definitely needed some time to just be a horse. And, to learn some manners, and keep those feet on the ground.

Stari Nite progressed quickly after a testy first few weeks. She seemed to gradually settle, accepted her brothers, looked forward to her grooming, massage and play time. She learned to seek attention, let us know what she liked and didn’t like, and didn’t kick as much.  She responded well to re-training, was appreciating the company of horses, and the attention and treats her people world provided.

A year later, Stari Nite is eager to please when ridden, enjoys ground games when training and plays well with our boys she shares her paddock with.

She has grown a glossy dark bay coat and a lustrous long mane and tail. She is still nervous on occasion, has developed the age old herd bound tendency, and still tucks her foot under her tummy when extremely distressed. But, over-all, she is a sweet loving mare who learns quickly and is very respectful.

At 3 1/2 years old now, Stari Nite Sheri still has no past, but she definitely has a future.  She will be our “little” cowgirl, my girl for the rest of her life.