Meet Stari Nite Sheri

Meet Stari Nite Sheri

When we became aware of this horse’s unfortunate circumstances, our hearts went out to this giant baby, who currently did not serve anyone a useful purpose. She had injured her front ankle, at the end of the race season.

She looked so sweet & forlorn upon 1st glance. There was absolutely no question that this wee girl (over 17 hands, aged 2 – 3 ) deserved a more NOBLE existence than the fate pre-selected for her on that truck.

She is very frightened & insecure. Definitely needs some time to unwind & adjust to the new opportunities being extended her way. Within a week, her initial aggression is turning to affection. Her injuries are healing & appear to be not nearly as serious as originally thought. Her emotional scars will take more time & a lot of TLC. We truly believe that all she really needs is a home with sufficient food, shelter & equine companions, & a chance to be the wonderful horse she was bred to be.

Stari Nite Sheri   Stari Nite Sheri 2

Why her? No reason, other than she needs us… needs a chance to just be a horse. Stari Nite Sheri has no known past, but she definitely has a future, so bright it will light up a night sky. What that future is, we don’t know. We are hoping she will help us decide what her noble purpose is destined to be. For now, she’s just a horse…  our horse !


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