Meet Arctic Thunder

Meet Arctic Thunder

He was a favourite of his breeder, well behaved, responsive and very regal. Thunder’s pictures did not do him justice.

We overlooked Thunder originally, because we thought we only wanted 1 male and were looking for natural colour-ing.

Thunder is always the first to respond, especially if there might be something to eat involved. He seeks hands on affection, will present his snout for kisses if he has to, but prefers to snuggle and have his neck stroked. He patiently awaits the attention he seeks, is easily handled, is an effective pasture manager, and continually exhibits a very regal persona.



He has a very gentle spirit with an abundance of luxurious silky fibre. As with most treat seekers, he responds well to his people world and is eager to please.

We have great hopes forThunder as a future herdsire and show champion.