Alpacalore Store and Felted Products

Timberlane Ranch joined forces with Pelham Alpacas to create Alpacalore. We use both suri alpaca and huacaya alpaca in our signature Alpacalore Felt, from which we make a variety of luxury items. Visit our store in St.Catharines, Ontario to shop for alpaca products and other handmade treasures.


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Alpaca Socks


Alpaca socks are perfect for all seasons. They keep you cool and dry in the summer and warm and insulated throughout the winter.

Once you wear alpaca socks, they will be the only socks you want to wear. We carry, in stock at our ranch, a variety of colours and sizes.


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Light Weight Alpaca Socks


A fun alpaca print in a crew sock for women. These lighter weight socks still whisk away natural moisture from feet, helping to maintain optimum comfort.

Available in 6 different colours in a 55% alpaca blend. Once you wear alpaca socks, they will be the only socks you want to wear.


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Bird Nesters


Year round, our feathered friends are building nests and attempting to maintain shelters. Alpaca fibre is stolen & collected by many species of birds to line their nests and shelters, especially those braving our cold winter storms.

These 1-stop refillable collection centers for birds, are a very popular garden feature. The fibre is safe and keep eggs and babies warm and insulated.

Note: in the summer birds seem to prefer the lighter coloured fibres, & in the winter, black goes first.

Nesters are all handmade at our ranch.

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Alpaca Yarn and Rovings


We have a selection of yarns & rovings for all crafters, in a variety of textures, blends & colours.




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Winter Sets


Alpaca 3-Piece Sets are 100 % luxurious, all natural alpaca. The simple cable design is impressive with unmatched craftsmanship.

Pieces can be purchased individually.




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Matching light weight Alpaca mittens are light weight, great for those who work with their hands. They keep warm, dry  and insulated throughout the winter.




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Winter Hat


100% alpaca luxury & warmth, adjusts to fit any head. This comfortable, lightweight cap is breathable, warming your head and ears without getting “overheated”.

A must for all cooler weather conditions. The properties of alpaca fibre helps your body maintain comfort even in extreme temperatures.  It only gets as warm as required.

So light weight, it fits nicely under hats, toques, & helmets, equestrian, construction, motorcycle, etc.

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